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Roberto Ribeiro Padula
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I'm a caged beast!


Weird Bird Videos
Now you can download the 3 videos plus the original psd file on my gumroad for free, but if you feel like tossing a few coins my side I won't complain. Just go to and download away!

Hello everyone! I've recorded 3 process videos of the painting of this weird bird!!! Each video is about 1 hour and is in normal speed, no time lapse, so you can see all I'm doing in real time. You can see the videos here…
As I type I'm uploading the third and final part, so if you can only 2 videos for now just hang on a little and the third one will be up soon. There is no audio during the time I'm painting, I'm not smart enough to paint and talk at the same time, so pick your favorite musics and watch me being weird with your own soundtrack!!! Amazing!!! I intend to do some more educational videos later on, but I still need to practice...
That's all! Hope you like it!
Traditional Bird Head Fun
Quick graphite drawing I did while I was getting back in sync with my hometown time zone and climate after a great week at THU 2017, not only I had to cross an ocean to get there I also had to cross the equator line to a different hemisphere! That can really mess up your rhythm! And just like we need comfort food when we're sick or sad we also need comfort drawing when we're out of sync, and there is nothing more comfort zone for me than using my trusty mechanical pencil to draw weird bird heads! I had a lot of fun drawing this bird!
Pygmy Basilisk
Though small and slow paced, the Pygmy Basilisk is as deadly as any other member of its family. All basilisks are armed with a fatal poison, but the Pygmy's poison is particularly fast acting and strong. The effects of a basilisk's poison are easy identifiable, in a matter of seconds the victim start to display a hardening of the muscle along with a noticeable discoloration of the entry wound area followed by a rigor mortis like state of paralysis. The articulations lock in place, the muscles harden in such an extreme way that it even leads to bones breaking and finally the victim dies from a cardiorespiratory  arrest. There is no known cure for this poison and its intensity and violence are so extreme that lead to the belief that basilisks are magical creatures, capable of turning its victims to stone. The basilisk's poison is a defense secreted by its skin and it must get inside a victims bloodstream to act, which is why most basilisk have spikes on its bodies along with sharp claws.
Meat Locker
Feeling bummed chum? Why, step right up to the meat locker! No one will judge you here, you can be yourself and run as crazy as you want. You might lose a few fingers but it is all in good fun. Bring your favorite knife and whatever or whoever you wanna cut, the meat locker always welcome more meat. Step right up.
No one knows how it started or who was the first one, but we all remember when it began. We were all so excited, an eclipse like this happens only once in a lifetime they said. We should have payed heed to all those civilizations that came before us. It turns out they did have a good reason to fear this unusual darkness. We should have listened to their advice and now I wonder if there will be anyone left to to listen to ours. Fear the darkness, fear what hides in it and hope the sun will shine again.

PS: I have an Instagram now! You can see more of my silly drawings at
So... I`ve got a DD and didn`t even knew about it?!?!?!?!??!?! Is this serious?!?!?! Oh my!!!
That`s so nice!!!! Thank you all so very much!!!!! Wow!!!

Well... This is the first time this happens to me!!! That`s so weird... But man... I`m happy as hell right know!!!
And I promise I`ll try to make it worth! And post some more newer pieces in here!

Maybe someday I`ll reach my dream of becoming a concept artist!!!

Thank you all again! And I`ll try to answer every single comment you guys left me, but it might take me some time!

That`s all for now... See you guys later!!!


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KRAIII, mano me ensina a ser tão foda quanto você. Espero chegar aos meus 30 sendo espetacular igual a você, pena q eu n tenho saco o suficiente pra renderizar tão bem quando você renderiza, também não tenho o tempo pra desenhar...
Mas cara sério estou encantado com seus desenhos!
Kaduflyer Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Wonderful work….you combine to perfection creepiness with a sly sense of humour.
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