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Roberto Ribeiro Padula
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I'm a caged beast!


Compass Bird by Bonekrishna
Compass Bird
Birds have always been one of my favorite types of creatures. The amazing sets of different plumage and beaks all so unique and specialized for their own tasks, present us a variety of colors and forms that can only be described as breathtaking. But feathers and beaks are not the only thing that makes them so fascinating, their behaviors and ingenuity are also quite amazing. For example the Horned Vulture, or how it is more commonly known the "Compass Bird". This particular bird has developed an intriguing and unusual behavior towards humans, instead of flying away or getting alarmed when facing a person the bird just stays still, stare to its spectator and slowly turns until its beak point perfectly to magnetic north. No one know when or how this relationship began, but it has guaranteed the bird appreciation and protection by the natives. As a real living compass, the Horned Vulture has guided many fisherman back safe and sound after a long day fishing at sea and in return it receives part of the catch as payment. Killing a Compass Bird is seen as a sin and extremely frowned upon. Local lore also advice that one should always treat his Compass Bird well and give its fair share of food, as if the bird is mistreated and abused it could stop pointing north and instead guide the foolish fisherman to the underworld to never return. Up to now no one has decided to take the risk and all Horned Vultures continues to point faithfully to the north.
Fallen by Bonekrishna
I've always seen evil as subjective. Sure there are some acts that leave little to discuss, but on many levels evil depends on which point of view you are looking from. Not that it cease to be evil, but it stops seeing itself as such. And although an utter and complete evil is scary, I've always though that an evil that believes itself good or justified is far more terrifying. Evil born from reasoning and belief instead of instinct. So I decided to paint someone not born evil, but someone corrupted and turned evil by his own actions and ideas. An angel that fought against Lucifer's rebellion, killing his own brethren while following his orders only to find himself infected by doubt once it was all over. Lucifer was the closest to perfection that ever existed, love and admired by all angels, could it be he wasn't completely wrong? Could it be his punishment was unfair? Guilt and doubt gave birth to hate and fury and corruption started to spread. He had never dealt with these emotions, no angel ever had. They say Lucifer had fallen from pride and envy but he would fall from wrath. No one expected a second rebellion, no one was ready for it except him. His rage could not be contained anymore.
Ramphoteca by Bonekrishna
I simply love birds. Visually speaking, I think birds might  very well be the most interesting type of animals alive. They are so varied and extreme that it is impossible not admire them. So lets all keep very quiet and admire this normally shy Mustached Stork before it notices us and fly away. They do say that they might use their fleshy appendices as electromagnetic sensors, so keep very still to not scare it.
My Rock by Bonekrishna
My Rock
This is his rock! Not yours, not mine and most definitely not theirs. This rock is his rock, he worked hard for it. He takes care of it, chase away anyone trying to steal it, keep it clean, he doesn't let either razor-grass or toad mushroom take over it. This is surely the best rock around and it will definitely attract a healthy partner to share it with him. No one wants to keep on steeping on razor-grass forever.
So... I`ve got a DD and didn`t even knew about it?!?!?!?!??!?! Is this serious?!?!?! Oh my!!!
That`s so nice!!!! Thank you all so very much!!!!! Wow!!!

Well... This is the first time this happens to me!!! That`s so weird... But man... I`m happy as hell right know!!!
And I promise I`ll try to make it worth! And post some more newer pieces in here!

Maybe someday I`ll reach my dream of becoming a concept artist!!!

Thank you all again! And I`ll try to answer every single comment you guys left me, but it might take me some time!

That`s all for now... See you guys later!!!

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How didn't I found your work before here, Roberto?
Stunning works as usual, congrats on your well deserved DD!
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Your gallery is totally captivating!
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Truly brilliant gallery happy I found it and give you a :+devwatch:, have a great day and hope to see lots more of your great work!
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Parabéns, cara! Demais!
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I love your gallery! 
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Parabéns Roberto!! Feliz aniversário! :)
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Galeria maravilhosa! Parabens!
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