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Roberto Ribeiro Padula
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I'm a caged beast!


Cry Havoc by Bonekrishna
Cry Havoc
Sir Berkley, First Hunter of the Golden Blade Order, and his trusty demon hound Belphegor.
This pair played a crucial role on the eastern front of the first Pride War, being responsible for hunting and killing many enemy troops and commanders that tried to cross the Darkwood forest in order to avoid the main force. Earning thus the official title of Haunting and the Valor medal after the war ended. Sir Berkley was a great Mage Swordsman with deep knowledge of demonology, necromancy and summoning, he was also a remarked hunter and strategist, being the first to ever use guerrilla tactics in a large scale war. And by his side was always the mighty demon hound Belphegor, a monstrous killing machine in the battlefield, but its stubborn personality and lazy behavior out of battle made it extremely hard to command. Only Berkley ever controlled Belphegor, and the demon hound stayed by his side till the end and beyond.
Blind Guard by Bonekrishna
Blind Guard
Nothing would stop old Thomas from guarding his post. Not old age, not the war, not even blindness. He actually trained a bald rambler to act as his eyes and ears. Old Thomas was a symbol of dedication, he died standing on his post, guarding quietly a doorway leading to nowhere anymore.
Rocky by Bonekrishna
Though definitely in a smaller number than before, trolls still do exists. Here we have a rock troll I took the liberty of calling Rocky, yeah yeah it isn't very imaginative I know, but it fits him well. They can be really hard to spot since they spend most of the time half buried in dirt and foliage, but with enough patience you might see one moving around a little. A very interesting misconception about trolls is their size, contrary to common believe trolls are actually quite small never surpassing the mark of 15cm (5.91inches). So why so many legends and tales of giant trolls? Well, you see, trolls are extremely sensitive to their size and they believe themselves to be huge, destroying the gardens and crops of anyone who says otherwise. And since it is really hard to tell if there is any troll around listen to your conversations, people start saying trolls are big to avoid their wrath and even maybe get some help from them. After doing so for so long only a few studious still now the truth about their size. Why am I writing this? Am I not afraid they might ruin my garden? Well, I'll definitely never say any of this out loud, but I feel like I'm safe to publish this information here. Who ever heard of trolls on the internet???
Soldier Boys by Bonekrishna
Soldier Boys
How many have fallen? How many are remembered only by faded photographs? In times of war only death is impartial.
While searching trough piles of old photos this one caught my attention. A genuinely happy looking young soldier pose for a photo whit his squad pet war slug, I turned it around hoping to find some more information about them and all I found were three sad red letters spelling KIA. And now this is all I know about them, no names, no date, nothing but the simple fact that they died just like so many others. In the end that is all war really is.
Big Catch by Bonekrishna
Big Catch
Fishes were definitely bigger back in the old days... Don't get me wrong, I love progress, but we really messed up the environment. I wonder if we ended up killing all the river kings or if some are still alive and well hiding somewhere, waiting and growing bigger.
So... I`ve got a DD and didn`t even knew about it?!?!?!?!??!?! Is this serious?!?!?! Oh my!!!
That`s so nice!!!! Thank you all so very much!!!!! Wow!!!

Well... This is the first time this happens to me!!! That`s so weird... But man... I`m happy as hell right know!!!
And I promise I`ll try to make it worth! And post some more newer pieces in here!

Maybe someday I`ll reach my dream of becoming a concept artist!!!

Thank you all again! And I`ll try to answer every single comment you guys left me, but it might take me some time!

That`s all for now... See you guys later!!!

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corniger-aries Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Truly brilliant gallery happy I found it and give you a :+devwatch:, have a great day and hope to see lots more of your great work!
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Parabéns, cara! Demais!
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I love your gallery! 
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Parabéns Roberto!! Feliz aniversário! :)
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Galeria maravilhosa! Parabens!
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Happy Birthday! :party: I wish you only the positive impressions of this year!
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Que criaturas fantásticas!
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Thanks for the watch! :)
Bexara Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
AAAah!!! I love your art!! Even scary things are cute :3 keep up the amazingness. Your dream of becoming a concept artist should come true soon enough!
AnkatsArt Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Professional General Artist

your deviation "Free Hugs" was featured in my journal: [link]

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